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Parents visit

Having my parents visit was a blessing that I don’t even have words to express. It was so amazing to have them alongside me everyday, getting to know the people I have relationships with. Their freshness brought excitement and new perspective to everything I do daily. I got to talk with them throughout each day, serve alongside them, and show them everything I know about this country. My mom, who flew in first, immediately fell in love with the kids and Gogos that I work with. We got to hand out clothes that everyone donated the first day, which was such a great and hectic way for her visit to start. We re-entered some kids into school that were “chased away” the day before, and worked on some details for some other kids. When my Dad arrived we had some great family time together, celebrated my mom’s birthday, went to a nearby game park, and saw some other sites around. My Dad added many things to the ministry at the carepoint, trying to provide shade for the kids, and giving them wheelbarrow races. The kids loved having both of my parents around and it was so neat to watch their reactions to them… it’s not often they have men around who want to play with them, or a woman with funny things glued to her teeth!

It’s weird to think that my parents are already back in the States back to normal life. Their visit was an experience I will never forget. How often do people get to serve alongside both of their parents!? Since they have left, many of the people that I see everyday have asked about them: kids, Gogos, parents, coaches, teammates, and roommates. It is so rad that I get to see the fruit of their time here. It just shows how much of a difference you can make in peoples lives, even in a short span of time. I know my parents made a big dent here in Swaziland in the 2 weeks that they were here. They affected everyone they spent time with, including me. It will also be neat to share with them when I come home because the picture will be that much clearer for them

cleaning ears with my papa

Mantenga Falls


  1. Hi Lindsey

    Joining you was an amazing experience for your mom and dad. I know they both hated to leave. I love the purses made by the Gogos. I’ve been using the “zebra” purse every day. Jon thought I was trying to be “hip” until I explained its background. Not only that, but I wear a simple African bracelet to remind me to pray for a certain child in Uganda who lives in an orphanage. It is a great reminder to pray.

    I admire you so much for the work you are doing!


  2. Lindsay,
    We are praying for your safe return. I was thrilled to see your parents have the chance to visit you. May God Bless and favor you for your sacrifices for his name sake.
    Ann Sholer

  3. Linz
    That was the time of my life, spending time with you, in a setting like that…it doesn’t get any better than that! Mom & I are back in the day to day life here, but our hearts are with you and your teammates back in Swazi. Thanks for the memories, I will cherish them in future years. We will be praying for you your last days with the kids & gogos, and especially your last day – your birthday! His Blessings, Dad

  4. I loved reading this… what an amazing experience to serve alongside your parents. I know when you return the stories, feelings, and “tastes” that you will describe to others will come to life in your parent’s hearts because of these two weeks together.
    Bless you Lindsey!
    <>< Julie Rudolph

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