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When my parents came to visit they brought a lot of things with them, some of it being material things. Packed in my mom’s bags were many tools to help us teach at the carepoint. Ashley and I decided to give every few days a color theme, hoping that consistency would really help things stick for the children. It was so great seeing and hearing them start to understand. We started with the color green. We finger painted with green, did worksheets with green, found green objects, chased after green, and much more greeeen. One of many moments that gave me a laugh, was when we switched our color to red a few days later but Nomvuyo was still sure that it was green! It definitely takes longer for some than others!

Zenele and some of the kids, SAY GREEN!

finger painting with green

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  1. Hey ~ I am still working on Orange and Yellow…always get those two mixed up.
    <>< and : ) Julie

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