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Swaziland Nationals

Being an American, and having grown up in the United States Swimming world, when I first thought of what it would be like to go to the Swaziland Nationals I immediately imagined it to be slightly similar to the Sectionals or Junior Olympics of my past. But after living here, I have learned that it is better to not create any kind of preconceived idea about anything, cuz you will most likely be miles off in your prediction.

When we arrived at the pool I was surprised at the size, which I would compare to Campo Cabana club for those of you back home who know. The meet proceeded with as much organization as a rec dual meet, and just as many people. There was a snack bar, a swim shop, and also three countries being represented.

The Mozambique swimmers turned out to be very competitive, especially in Swazi standards and it was really neat having them there. Being at a swim meet with so many cultures mixing is quite exciting and it keeps you on your toes! I ended up winning most races; however, several races I swam unopposed for my age group so it was not all that great of an accomplishment! When the weekend came to a close I was tired and ready to be home. The weekend did give me an invitation to be part of the Swazi team that traveled to the Mozambique nationals the next weekend!

My swim team with their new caps from Orinda Aquatics